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    Not sure if this is the appropraite thread but...
    Originally posted by jms

    Thunder 06 wrote:
    > I haven't really been following the script books (due to monetary
    > constraints on my part) but with all the recent Mongoose controversy, I
    > was wondering if the eventual Crusade script book(s) will cover your
    > thoughts on where Crusade would have gone beyond what we saw. Their
    > books aside, was there a plan to tell us what *you* had planned for it
    > or would that remain in your head only? I for one would love to read
    > what was to come and might even pick them up to find out...

    I haven't written that intro yet, but my sense is that yeah, I will go
    into some of the detail on that aspect of it. There's certainly
    nothing to be lost by doing so, and I think people will find it
    interesting...because the show as it would have eventually morphed
    resembled the show that began almost not at all.


    grabbed from google groups as I don't have a newsreader in work
    Still sounds good and all the more reason to buy additional jms stuff
    on the "quoting JMS" ID
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      I have already stated my opinion that there is enough B5 fanfiction out there for free to satisfy my own need for the stuff, so i am not very interested in the PPV version that Mongoose proposes.

      However, as a very good friend of mine runs a press organization similar to, but even smaller than, Mongoose press, I can understand Matthew Sprange's desire to present his work in the best possible light, because the delta between success and closure of the business is frighteningly small for such a concern.

      I don't blame Matthew Sprange for presenting things in the best possible light. I don't want to see Mongoose Press lose money on the franchise (though I admit that some of the things I hear about them are kinda offputting, they are not merchants of death or anything; they are a small firm trying to stay afloat).

      I also think JMS is more than a bit to blame for the current state of "things b5." He is as proud of his work as anyone, and as defensive of his self-perceived "rights" as one could be. I would love to sit down and drink beer with him, but likely would hate negotiating with him.

      I don't see a "happy' outcome to this. Both sides are probably quite entrenched. JMS thinks they should consult with him, and Mongoose thinks he is unreasonably expensive to consult with.

      Let the books get published, and the chips fall where they may. I don't think either side is going to have anything original to say until we see what the books are like. If Matthew Sprange is smart, he will make sure that they are books that JMS can swallow, and if JMS is smart he will swallow them if they are swallowable, and agree to consult on future works for a piece of the action.

      The above paragraph was written by the angel of my better nature, not me.
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