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B5: Severed Dreams, Freeware Game Needs Help

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  • B5: Severed Dreams, Freeware Game Needs Help

    There's a team of fans developing a freeware game for the PC, but they have a major problem right now: the programmers they had have left the project.

    Originally posted by Primus at [url=] forums[/url]
    So, our great lead programmer has left building (bailed without a word). And the other one, gone too!

    Why? I do not know...

    We have story, models, sound - But we need to glue them together to make the game and now only programmer can help.

    Again, I'm calling for a C++ Programmer who has skills, interest and time for developing B5:SD freeware game.

    Please Contact: [email protected]
    Originally posted by Foxer, in that same thread at [url=] forums[/url]
    If you know, or can find a programmer, then please try to link that programmer to our site ( and let him contact us.

    We are trying to create something different here, something beautiful and something that makes a difference in the history of B5 games.
    Something that will be the Babylon 5 Space Simulator.
    I know it has had a rough beginning, already 3 programmers were just fooling around, never appearing online and then disappearing without a trace.
    But atleast it has a good solid storyline that has countless sleepless nights invested into them, it is something that we have worked hard on and something that we wont give up on so easily.
    We have the graphics engine to cut down the time we have wasted, we have the graphics and we have the sound, but we dont have that key that binds this all together: a programmer.

    That's all I have to say for now, Cheers people!
    Reposted here in case some forum member is a programmer with spare time or knows of someone that could help.

    (P.S. Jan, Ranger1, move topic to another forum if you think that's appropriate)
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    B5 related, all is sweet
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      Bumb + With Updated Info

      Hello everyone,

      Firstly, I am sorry to bumb thread this old, not the best thing to do for a anew member, but I thought better that than starting a new thread for the same topic.

      But how's SD doing?...

      Currently the team has one programmer, modeler and a composer.

      The game genre will be space simulation with real time strategy elements and the story is set during the Earth Alliance civil war. Just to be clear, it's not a modification or total conversion for any game, but a full new game build from scratch, using OGRE graphics engine. The project is currently on early Alpha stage.

      Once finished, the game will be released as freeware. No money is involved.

      So if you have time, interest and talent in C++ programming, modeling, 2D art, composing or voice acting, visit the forums here: or contact me via email: primusnova at gmail dot com


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        Just a reminder to all: the unauthorized use and distribution of copyrighted and trademarked material without the permission of the copyright/trademark owner is an infringement under US (and many other nations') laws. Whether or not money changes hands doesn't affect the fact of infringement; money only affects the amount of any judgements made against the infringer.

        Not sure what the moderators' policy is regarding these things, but I'd think that a site and message board wholly dedicated to the works of JMS would frown upon any endorsement, implicit or explicit, of unauthorized uses/distributions of his works.


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          Originally posted by AmyG
          ...but I'd think that a site and message board wholly dedicated to the works of JMS would frown upon any endorsement, implicit or explicit, of unauthorized uses/distributions of his works.
          All the more so since JMS has recently hinted that Warner Bros. may once again be in talks for an authorized PC game based on B5.

          Just a reminder for the mods' consideration in mulling this issue over.


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            Both Amy and Joe are correct. Primus, while I think any fan can appreciate that your group is keeping B5 alive, it still is an unlicensed and therefore, illegal game regardless of whether money is involved or not.

            While not spam, since the game's unlicensed, I think it best that I lock this thread.

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