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    Originally posted by Doktor
    I don't see why making a trilogy would need to damage the credibility of the story though. I mean cramming the telepath ware into a two hour movie is more likely to do that!
    Then there's no way you could have seen Thirdspace or River of Souls, two B5 movies that almost everyone agrees would have been much better as a simple episode then a stretched out 2 hour movie.

    Lord Refa does bring up a better point though, and yes it's certainly possible he could reintroduce things he otherwise wouldn't be able to get into within the script. But I don't see this as a huge possibility either... mostly because I can't see JMS adding extra elements to a story that for all intents and purposes should be quite lean and fit. I mean listen to the commentaries on the B5 DVDs... the one thing you always hear him complain about is that he wishes he would have cut out this, or "just gotten to the point" with another thing, so on and so on. Adding stuff in just to flesh it out seems... a bit unnessecary. And very likely to discourage newcomers.

    I'll give this as an example: Because The Two Towers the movie did not cover the entire length of The Two Towers the book, they had to "flesh out" much of the story, spend more time at Helms Deep, add some extra things with Aragorn, etc. etc.

    In my opinion (as well as JMS's, which is why I choose to use this movie as an example, cause while you can argue that my view of this movie is wrong, you're going to have face the fact that this is his view of the movie as well ) that caused the movie to get slowed down exponentially. In some areas it just bored me, and left me leaving the theater very unsure of the next movie (which thankfully, was the best of the bunch by far, to say the least). Fleshing out a story, adding new things, can have a bad effect on newcomers because it'll simply be giving them too many elements, only some of which are quite intrestig, and any sort of B5 theatrical film is going to *need* newcomers... the B5 community itself isn't gigantic enought to be able to do all the work on it's own. While Two Towers was able to afford having a variety of "parts of the movie that I'll always fast-forward through", a B5 movie really can't.

    Now, as for Refa's second comment... quite true, there's always other possibilities and the chances of one of them working out better in trilogy form is of course possible. Again, the thing I always say at the end of my posts in terms of speculation is that *anything* is possible. Only reason I make these posts is to try to highlight some of the reasons why I think some of these ideas are pretty far off from what we're gonna get.


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      Well Thirdspace and River of Souls were both obviously stretched beyond their natural duration. With something like the telepath war though, you're talking about something which has the potential to encompass many different plot threads and ideas.

      Now the front runner for the the new project at the moment would appear to be a mini-series. Well if you take as an example Children of Dune, that clocked in at around 4 hrs 30 mins. Or roughly the length of three movies. Why should the telepath war contain enough material for a long story on the small screen but not the large? Or are we assuming it's going to be a short mini-series? Wouldn't that be.... well.... an assumption?

      I'm not saying I think there's going to be a movie trilogy. But I don't think it's any more or less likely than any other possibility.