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  • Kevin
    I decided along time ago that for the respect of the series, and after a variety of experiences with other novels-based-on-scifi-tv shows/movies (in paticularly SW novels, some of which I'd love to purge from my memory...) I would never subject myself to novel that didn't have the highest pushing (or was based on something and/or written by JMS) by JMS.

    As such I've only read Dell #7 and #9 and the trilogies. I think I'm a better person for it personally ;P And while I could read the novels for each movie... I think I'd rather just watch the movie and enjoy it as is

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  • KoshN
    I read:

    Dell #5 AWFUL! Seems to last forever. COMA inducing!

    Dell #7 (although I didn't care for the writing style, "tennis match")

    Dell #9

    The Psi Corps Trilogy

    The Centauri trilogy

    The Technomage trilogy

    A Call to Arms novelization (...although it cleared up a couple points from the movie.)

    Dell #1

    Dell #2 <yawn>

    Dell #3

    Dell #4 AWFUL!

    ...and an currently reading Dell #6. <yawn>.

    After finishing the original Dell nine, I'm going to re-read the three trilogies, just to cleanse Dell #4, #5 and probably #8 from my mind.

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  • Jan
    The Techno-Mage trilogy which I also devoured too fast when it first came out. Also rereading the books of the Liaden Universe by Lee and Miller which I highly recommend.


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  • Shivkala
    started a topic Currently re-reading...

    Currently re-reading...

    The Legions of Fire trilogy, which I bought about 1 1/2 years ago, and read it voraciously in a few days....

    I know it will probably never happen, but I would sell a body part to see it play out on the screen...It's unbelievably good. I love Londo's character and relish in the story. The books do a great job of telling a vivid story, but I would love to actually SEE it on tv or in the theater...

    one can dream I guess....