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What great character moments make the show come alive for you..? (SPOILERS)

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  • Hal_10000

    Actually, just the other night I was watching Season 4 and came to the scene where Londo tries to talk G'Kar into signing a statement supporting B5 against Clarke. Wonderful moment -- Londo repentant but still proud, G'Kar contained rage. Londo does all the talking, but it's so powerful the unspoken tension between them.

    Any scene that is just Peter and Andreas is bound to be a great character scene. The good thing is JMS and his director understood that they just need to get out of their way to get a good scene.

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  • Hal_10000
    Spoiler Warning!

    n "Confessions and Lamentations", the scene in Sheridan's office where she asks for his permission to go into isolation.

    That for me was one of the best scenes in the entire series. Between Mira's acting and the beautiful line "I will see you soon in a place where no shadows fall". It gets me choked up every time.

    I also love Sheridan's "apology" to the Centauri. "I'm sorry I waited as long as did before I blew them straight to hell!"

    Kosh's death scene in which he comes to Sheridan as his father. Incredibly moving. The killing of Kosh was dramatic -- his farewell made it heart-rending.

    And finally -- one of the most touching -- when Garibaldi confesses that he was sure that one day he'd end up face down in brown sector. Another one that lifts my heart every time.

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  • Jan
    In "Messages from Earth" - When Sheridan tells about how his Dad made it 'rain' by using the garden hose and then Delenn makes it rain for him. That's such a sweet moment.


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  • David Panzer
    Too many to mention, but I'll try...

    Sinclair describing the Battle of the Line to his then-girlfriend in "The Gathering"

    Londo telling Garibaldi that his people are nothing more than a theme park, also from the pilot.

    Dr. Kyle's answer to Takashima's question of what he saw when he operated on Kosh, also from the pilot.

    Garibaldi preventing Londo from killing G'Kar in the first episode.

    The entire scene between G'Kar and Sinclair in the garden, also from the first episode.

    The entire "And the Sky Full of Stars" episode

    Londo telling Vir that his shoes are too tight, from the episode "War Prayer"

    I'd be here all night typing out hundreds of scenes from the entire series, and some from Crusade as well, but I'll stop at 7 for this post.

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  • Stunning_in_Purple
    One of my favorites is after the Centauri assault and G'Kar confronts Vir in the elevater and cuts his hand. "Dead, dead, dead, dead...." So powerful.

    Another favorite is Marcus by Ivanova's bed as he's dying. I cry everytime I see that.

    And lastly, the festival of alien religions when Londo is calling everyone cute and passes out and Vir says he has ascended to a higher consciousness, but he has just passed out drunk.

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  • spikey thing
    How about the moment when Virs' future wife starts to tell him about all the narns shes killed, and his reaction to that.

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  • Phil Harmonic
    G'Kar's speech to Sinclair's old girlfriend.

    He picks an ant up and put it down while asking now, if this ant asks, What was that" how would it be able to describe me.

    This is in relation to being asked what the first one ship she saw was.

    And this is the most important thing said in the first season to me.

    He told her, no one on this station is precisely what they appear.

    How true this because of so many characters including G'Kar himself in the years to come.

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  • Joansie
    Some of my fav's.

    The scenes between Delenn and Sebastian. Powerful on both sides.

    The scenes between Londo and Gkar trapped in the elevator.

    The conversation between Sheridan and Terhan in the observation deck.

    Gkar's speach before leaving the council chambers and his proud slow walk out. Very powerful.

    So many to choose.

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  • Spoo Junky
    I like watching Vir when he begs Londo not to ask Morden to bomb the Narn colony. He pleads so hard, but knows that he will end up watching it happen anyway.

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  • DeMonk
    In "Confessions and Lamentations", the scene in Sheridan's office where she asks for his permission to go into isolation.

    In "Gropos", where Franklin vents his frustration about his inability to talk to his father to Ivanova.

    "The Coming of Shadows" - the scene where G'Kar buys Londo a drink - Londo's look on his face when he realizes what a huge mistake he made by ordering the destruction of the Narn colony.

    The elevator scene between G'Kar and Vir in "Comes the Inquisitor": Vir's unease (shame) and G'kar's blood dripping...

    These are just my favorites from season 2... I could go on for quite a while yet!
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  • Jan
    Franklin describing what happens when somebody is 'spaced'.

    Lochley telling off Garibaldi about her role in the Earth civil war.

    ....and then there are some brilliant silences...

    Londo standing in the window of the ship while Narn is being bombarded.

    Delenn taking the sword symbolizing his pain and guilt from 'Arthur'.

    Londo accepting the Keeper, proud and defiant while he submits to it.



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  • What great character moments make the show come alive for you..? (SPOILERS)

    One of the best ones for me is where Londo and Morden have their final confrontation. Londo is the one in charge at that moment and savours the revenge.

    Sheer brilliance of writing and acting from all.

    Then, of course there is the terrible moment of disclosure between G'kar and Delenn, regarding the war.

    Who could forget the beautifully protrayed scenes of Ivanova sitting Shiva. From the moment she begins reading the prayer, there is not one dry eye in our house, NOT ONE.

    The final farewell between Sheriden and Delenn.

    The moment you see the result of the GROPOS' assault, the grim reality of war. It plays on the face of Garibaldi and Keffer and they look like they've been hit by a truck.

    OOOOH, I could go on like this all day....

    Any more?