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    1. A Call to Arms
    2. In the Beginning
    3. River of Souls
    4. Thirdspace
    5. The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight
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      Nice to see you here Lope, and its great that you revive 2 years old posts (i mean it) hehehe.

      ITB ROOOOOOOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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        I found ITB to be the one I love the most. I especially love the music for it . . . in Order for me, I suppose my list goes as follows:

        1) In The Beginning
        2) A Call To Arms
        3) River of Souls
        4) Thirdspace

        Thirdspace is at the bottom because I watched it too many times (d'oh!) and A Call to Arms was so new and developed the story of the B5 universe more, and River of Souls I liked that Soundtrack too and love that concept.

        I dont include LotR because if I did, it wouuld be #1,259,742 on my list
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          In The Beginning
          River of Souls
          Legend of the Rangers
          A Call to Arms (mainly because of the noise some call "music")


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            1-In the Beginning
            2-A Call to Arms
            3-Legend of the Rangers
            4-River of Souls

            Wish we could figure out where The Memory of Shadows would have gone in each of our lineups!

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              No doubt first!!!

              ah well - we can only dream of what might have been.......