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    Sorry, this page. Posting #17 got me on this train of thought.
    "En wat als tijd de helft van echtheid was, was alles dan dubbelsnel verbaal?"


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      Actually most of my earlier irritation wasn't about B5, they have Pinky and the Brain on there, I want, I want but it's not out on DVD until July.

      on the "Animaniacs is out then too mmmm, lot's of WB funny goodness" ID
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        Originally posted by Towelmaster
        Sorry Garibaldi, but to me, catering only to XP-users is a clear sign of contempt
        Im not positive on this but i believe the XP only thing deals with XPs wonderful DRM abilities that help hinder your ability to copy the material. 2000 tends to be more... functional with some... projects...

        Anyway.. the Bit Torrent information is very good news!


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          So let the Boog get this straight: Come sumertime, I'll be able to use bit torrent to legally dl the original version of "The Gathering" (as long as it's one of the B5 eps available) so I can plop it on a dvd? If true, I can dig that.


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            Originally posted by Towelmaster
            Sorry Garibaldi, but to me, catering only to XP-users is a clear sign of contempt for anyone who knows more about PC than just to turn it on and off. In this day and age it is perfectly possible to write software that runs on any operating system. I know this, this is my job. So just writing for one operating system, while there are literally millions who use another, is sheer arrogance or laziness to me. Especially when even Windows2000 isn't supported.

            BTW : I use Windows2000, which is - as you said - based on NT-technology just as XP is. It really is not rocket science. After all: MY BitTorrent runs perfectly on my PC, and so does Azureus and all the other P2P-software.

            So I see no reason for excluding even Windows2000-users from this service. As a matter of fact : why exclude the most stable Windows Operating System ever?

            Of course this is all academic as I do not live in the U.S.A. and I already *have* everything B5 on DvD... Perhaps this service has been set up specifically for technophobes who don't think before they click on something? You know : that user-phase that even my old man ascended years ago, and he was 68 when he first used a computer!

            If I had to make a guess, I would say that there are a heck of a lot non-XP systems among the B5-community. In some respect we ARE of course geeks, if not nerds...

            P.S. Just thought of something : this is P2P-software, especially suitable for the internet. Since when is it normal to write Web-software that can only be used by XP-users? (Or Linux-users for that matter)? What ever happened to the open standard as invented by Mr. Berners-Lee and the likes?
            I think you missed the point of my post ... I was not defending them, or their attitude to non-XP users, simply expressing my opinion of why they may have chosen to do it this way.

            As evidenced mightily by the music industry, it is clear that the major, mainstream "content providers" do not have a clue how the technology works, or how they can make it work for them as a business model. If they don't consider it worthwhile investing time and energy in making the system cross-compatible with "old" or "minority interest" OSs (and the additional point about XP's handling of DRM is a very good one) then it won't happen, however valuable it may be to them if they actually understood these things and made them work to their benefit.

            I certainly wasn't suggesting that it was a right and proper way to go about it, nor that it was not laziness or arrogance that was driving. However, I don't believe that they are being contemptuous of other users ... just naive.
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