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B5 DVD price drop in R1?

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  • B5 DVD price drop in R1?

    After the intial discount period for each season release, and the odd in-store discount on earlier seasons when a new box arrived, the B5 DVDs have been priced high, barely under their original $100 USD suggested retail price. (My local Best Buy currently has them for $89.99, the lowest price I've seen on-line is about $75.00 plus shipping.)

    But Deep Discount DVD is taking "pre-orders" for a March 14th release of all five seasons, plus the TV movie set, for $43.55 (which they say is a mark-down from $59.95.) When a studio resets the suggested retail price of a disc or set, they often give it a new SKU number, and therefore retailers treat it as a "new release." The March 14th release date for the previous discs may also explain when the release date for the Rangers pilot film was just pushed back from this coming Tuesday, the 7th, to the 14th. DDD is already selling the Crusade: The Complete Series set for the same $43.55 price.

    So - anybody who has been saving up to buy the discs, or still needs to fill in a collection - this would seem to be a good time to do so.


    Joseph DeMartino
    Sigh Corps
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    Thanks for the heads up, Joe!

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