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  • Season 2 DVD credits

    This may very well have been hashed out before, but...I remember the credits of the season 2 episodes that precede Delenn's emergence from the cocoon showing her with her old appearance. (This led to a tiny spoiler for my wife; I successfully predicted that whoever did the animated DVD menus would probably not be thinking about spoilers, so I went through that menu while she was out of the room, but then my preparation was for naught when Delenn's new appearance was revealed in the credit sequence.)

    Anyway -- anyone know if this was a deliberate decision, or just an oversight?

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    This was discussed in some detail in a thread that originally brought up an error in an S4 episode:

    You'll find the discussion here


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      <<This led to a tiny spoiler for my wife>>

      As for my mom. I always skip the opener when watching with her, but that time I happened to be in the kitchen and she got the spoiler (Delenn). The whole cocoon thing was ruined for her after that.

      So are you telling me they did it differently on the originally airing episodes preceding her new look? That's great. Too bad they didn't do it on the DVD's. The Garibaldi thing in S4 doesn't bother me as much. Nor does Talia being there after her departure.
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        Originally posted by Z'ha'dumDweller
        Nor does Talia being there after her departure.
        Talia was always there afterwards.

        The only midseason credit changes ever were, in chronilogical order

        1) The appearence of "Ko'Dath" in the Season 1 credits where Na'Toth usually is for the episode "Born to the Purple". Ko'Dath was the original aide to G'Kar, and would have remained so had the actress they had hired had not had a *horrible* time with the Narn prosthetics, and outright refused to wear the contacts (which can be seen in the episode quite clearly). While they agreed to drop her contract, since she signed on as a regular-performer, for this episode she had to be given credit as a regular-performer, in place of Juile Catlilin, who for all other 21 episodes, had the spot in the credits.

        2) Delenn to hide her new appearence in the first two episodes during season 2

        3) Ivanova, who's rank was changed from Lt. Commander on the credits once she became promoted to Commander during season 2

        4) The title of "Security Chief" being taken from Garibaldi and put on Zack during season 4

        5) The removal of Claudia Christian from the credits for "Deconstruction of Falling Stars" and the placement of the Agemenmon flying through the explosion before any names were shown due to the fact that DoFS is technically a Season 5 episode, and they were told by WB that since she appeared in all 22 episodes in Season 4 (this is counting SiL as a Season 4 episode), she had fulfilled her contract and thus they were contractually obliged to remove her name from the credits (about a few days before it went to air actually) Marcus's name was not removed because he did not perform in all 22 episodes (in paticularly SiL) and thus could remain there with no legal entanglements.

        I believe that's all of em. I actually could have sworn that the Ko'Dath one was on the DVD, but I just checked it and sure enough it's gone too. I am rather bummed that they never put any of these back in, twas a part of the series I always liked, but ah well. Still have all 5 of em on tape anyways.


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          in place of Juile Catlilin, who for all other 21 episodes, had the spot in the credits.
          Just want to give credit where credit is due: the actress's name is Julie Caitlin Brown, who sometimes goes by "Caitlin Brown."