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Spoiler Free Zone for 1st Time Viewers

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  • Spoiler Free Zone for 1st Time Viewers

    Please keep this thread completely free of spoilers for those experiencing the show for the first time. No teasing, either. IF the viewer asks questions, try to keep the answer spoiler-free or use 'spoiler tags' to make sure the poster *really* wants the answer. To use 'spoiler tags', type < spoiler> to open and < /spoiler> to close (without the spaces, naturally).

    Let's keep it nice here so we can remember how it was when we first discovered the show.

    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.

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    Thanks for creating this area, Jan. I'll start posting here. Kewl.
    "I am just a worthless liar. I am just an embecile. I will only complicate you, trust in me and fall as well. I will find a center in you; I will chew it up and leave. I will work to elevate you, just enough to bring you down. Why can't we drink forever? I just want to start this over!" TOOL