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Last Show of Babylon 5 you seen (not counting SiL)

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  • Spoo Junky
    I missed Sleeping in Light, in fact, I didn't even know it existed. I watched the 5th season religiously and didn't miss an episode. I guess it was on a week or two after the end and I didn't catch it. It wasn't until reruns on Space that I saw it. And I cried the whole way through ... like losing a friend.

    (Edit - oops, excluding SiL. Didn't have my coffee yet )
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  • Jan
    "Comes the Inquisitor" was my problem episode. I know I missed it at least three times and it was driving me nuts to read about how powerful an episode it was and not know what they were talking about! It was certainly worth the wait, though.


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  • Last Show of Babylon 5 you seen (not counting SiL)

    Since the DVD's have come out I have see Babylon 5 end to end more times that I can remember. But when the show was still in Reruns was there a episode that you just kept missing until it was only show in the series that you hadn't Seen.

    For me "Exogenesis" 307 just kept getting away. I think I missed this show at least 5 times counting the original run. I honestly don't think I saw it until a brought my DVDs.

    Who else has had trouble finishing there Babylon 5 watching.