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    Deconstruction of falling stars. I'd seen bits of season 4, and even caught most of season 5 (including SIL) when bravo were showing it, but I never saw DOFS until I got the season 4 DVDs. Still one of my favourite seasons BTW, especially the Garibaldi/bester interactions (just LOVE walter )
    on the "where's my volume 3 " ID
    "There are no good wars. War is always the worst possible way to resolve differences. It degenerates and corrupts both sides to ever more sordid levels of existence, in their need to gain an advantage over the enemy. Those actively involved in combat are almost always damaged goods for the rest of their lives. If their bodies don't bear scars, their minds do, ofttimes both. Many have said it before, but it can't be said to enough, war is hell. "


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      Originally posted by phazedout
      Deconstruction of falling stars
      The first time I saw that episode, it got me really MAD !
      There was no voice at all expressing gratitude for what they managed to do at great cost to themselves. That upset me deeply. Would we be that ungrateful?

      After viewing it a few times, it occurred to me the fact that the viewer simply has a file 'Sheridan and Delenn' after a million years was the best expression of gratitude. It was his way of honoring them.

      Originally posted by phazedout
      Phaze on the "where's my volume 3 " ID
      Poor you, it is great fun!
      Understanding is a three-edged sword: your side, their side and the truth.
      John Sheridan


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        I somehow managed to miss "Falling Toward Apotheosis" in both original TV broadcasts of B5 in Russia. I've seen it for the first time on DVD...
        And since TV-movies (except original "The Gathering") and "Crusade" never appeared on russian TV I saw them for the first time on DVD too.