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Tamlyn Tomita in StarGate 2/17/06

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  • Tamlyn Tomita in StarGate 2/17/06

    Just a heads up ... StarGate SG1 continues its 9th season on January 6th, 2006.

    In an episode set to air February 17th, called "The Scourge", Tamlyn Tomita, known to us as Laurel from "The Gathering", will appear. The Executive Producer has this to say:

    "Paul and I were in editing today, doing a visual effects spotting session for 'The Scourge.' Lots of creepy bug sequences in this one. Guaranteed, these critters'll get under your skin. Overall, great performances from out guest stars, especially Tamlyn Tomita (who played Waverly in my wife's favorite movie, The Joy Luck Club), and the ever-solid Robert Picardo."

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