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A "What will it be?" poll.

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  • A "What will it be?" poll.

    OK, since we're past the "couple of weeks" JMS thought it might be until the word was given on the new project (depending on how much word we'll get when we get it). I thought it would be interesting to take a completely unscientific poll here.

    Please reply with your responses to the following two questions. Try to keep the answers short, as I will be keeping up with the numbers here so we can see how far off we were when the big secret is finally revealed by WB and JMS!

    First Question: What do you thing the new project will be?
    a) TV movie
    b) Mini-Series
    c) Theatrical Film
    d) TV Series (I should note here that JMS told us it wouldn't be this one, but one can still vote for it)
    e) Feature Film Trilogy

    Second Question: What do you think the new project will be about?
    a) Teep War
    b) Drakh War (this can include the Technomages and elements that would've been revealed in Crusade )
    c) The Hand
    d) Technomages
    e) Something not yet revealed
    f) Valen (or any other story involving elements of B5 history)

    Remember, vote what you think these will be, not what you want to see. I will NOT be voting so I can keep up with the numbers and such. VOTE AWAY! Let's see how far off we are in the end

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    I'm going to say Miniseries, and will have nothing to do with the Hand or Valen ... so probably either Shadows or something not yet revealed.
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      I'm going to be optimistic here and say C and A

      (noticed a couple hours later I accidently hit "A" as opposed to "C" originally)
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        A Theatrical Film about something we have not seen yet.

        The enemy -> Rust.

        Although it may turn out to be rusty.
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          Theatrical film. Teep War.



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            Ditto. C and A.

            Though I could easily be wrong . . .


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                Mini-series. Not yet revealed.

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                  C: it has to be BIG after 6 months negotiating
                  A: The only story where you need and can use most of the original cast.
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                    Originally posted by White Tiger
                    I think he wants what kind of story it will be, not what network it will air on.
                    Got movies?


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                      C & B
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                        I'm really leaning towards it being about the telepath war. Even hoping it as well.
                        The original cast could still very well be part of it, and probably even look the role with their ages now (no offence, we all age, comeon).

                        As for how it will be presented, I have no clue. That's the one detail they've been most vague on. We can assume a lot of things about what it will be. We have many candidates that seem more likely than others.
                        But HOW? I hope it's something DAMN good.


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                          It will be a TV movie that's for sure...about what? all of the above i hope
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                            poll response

                            My guess is something that is not on the list. I think it will be a direct to DVD movie about the Drakh War. I hope we hear soon, all this speculation is driving me nuts!


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                              I think it's a) a TV movie, about either b) the Drakh War or e) something new to us, or a mix of the two.