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  • Bill Mumy as Lennier

    Was there any reason why the character of Lennier never appears in any of the movies .Even Vir appears in Thirdspace so why not Lennier I know in the book he does but not in the film.Why not ?Another possibility for Lennier to come in was In the beginning when he lost family to Sheridan destroying the Black Star .

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    I couldn't find anything in the archive specific to Lennier/Bill Mumy. Best explanation I see is in this post. Maybe they just ran out of movies before they got to him? Or...given that we seem to know that he dies during the Telepath War, perhaps there were plans for him in that story?

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      Jan, you pretty much confirmed what I remembered, but didn't want to post anything until and unless I looked up something that backed me up. My memory was that there wasn't lots of money available to make these TV movies, and presumably since they weren't part of the actor's contracts for the series, they would have had to negotiate with each of them. I may be remembering incorrectly, but I think that was why Garibaldi didn't appear in either In the Beginning or Thirdspace, but I'd have to go through some old interviews to confirm that.

      At any rate, I should think unless a character like Lennier had some kind of role to play in one of the movies, they just didn't make the cut.


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        But Garibaldi was in both "The River Of Souls" and "A Call To Arms"


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          A possible reason...

          Maybe, because he is both a jobbing actor AND a successful musician (too damned talented in my opinion! Joking - of coures - I've been lucky enough to meet hims a couple of times and he is a great fellow), Billy just wasn't available at the times that the tele-movies were scheduled for production?

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            Alex, after not appearing in either In the Beginning or Thirdspace, I think Doyle was determined not to let that happen again the following season.


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              Maybe he was too busy playing a lesbian witch in Buffy.

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