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    Originally posted by Michael Malloy
    I also understand that he once said in regards to Dr. Franklin after the passing of Richard Biggs "That character will not be recast."
    I am in total agreement with not recasting Dr. Franklin, Richard BiggsÆs character. Flash backs to old footage? Yes. Recasting NO. If they did that I would not have any respect for the new or future projectsà

    Originally posted by Michael Malloy

    What if Peter Jackson and WETA wanted to made a Babylon 5 movie and includes the original characters? à If Gollum can be brought to life so perfectly, surely soon a real person's likeness will show up in a motion picture in the near future.
    While this technology is getting better and better, it will come to a point where photo-realistic animation will replace actors and sets in the future, a la ôSimoneö with Al Pacino. I donÆt have any real answer for when that happens, but for now it would be real bad if they did this with Richard BiggsÆs character. If this was done, how often will it be done when you have difficult actors? Or instead of the actor being difficult now you have difficult movie studios? Once they get an actor on a project, how easy will it be to replace them with an animated copy? Only time will tell.

    I view any creative outlet a craft and I don't think you could assemble/program or create a craft from a factory. Just my 2cents
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