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JMS interview on scripts and game?

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    wolf3d was great, but doom was multiplayer.

    I enjoyed phantasmagoria (sp?). First game that made me jump in my chair.

    As for old games, those slowdown programs do work most of the time, but i keep some old boxes around for fun.


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      Originally posted by Jan
      If you can answer in english and not 'gamer', that would be extra appreciated.
      Well, Radhil filled you in already on the most important aspects. It really depends on a) how fast a machine she has (but I'd like to point out that my PC is soon 2 years old and has no problem whatsoever with dosbox) and b) how old the game she wants to play is. The later that specific Dos-Game came out, the more resources it needs, the faster the machine has to be in order for the game to be played properly.

      Furthermore, notice that while a lot of old games are compatible with dosbox by now, there are still some which are only marginally supported. For a complete list of compatible games and their precise status please visit the Dosbox-Website.

      Originally posted by Radhil
      (I further think the world missed out by never playing Tex Murphy, but hey).
      The Tex Murphy-series was indeed great. The first (and until now ONLY, if you ask me) really good 3d-adventures, with a nice setting and a good sense of humor. And there really were some unique tasks and puzzles to solve. Definitely some of my favorite adventures games, no doubt.

      And I think that's enough OT for now. If we want to discuss that further, someone probably REALLY should start a thread in the OT-area of the forums...


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        For *some* games there are even "re-programming" efforts. Eg the superb "Star Control 2" in the form of "The Ur-Quan Masters" ( ) (they got a version of the source and programmed it anew. They *plan* to build into it more story, but there was no update since March...).

        SummVM ( ) will run most Lucas Arts Adventures (all but the newest), but you need the original discs for the data files (or you need to "aquire" them, which ist most of the time not so legal). Here is a list of games supported (from their Homepage): Adventure Soft's "Simon the Sorcerer" 1 and 2; Revolution's "Beneath A Steel Sky", "Broken Sword 1" and "Broken Sword 2"; "Flight of the Amazon Queen"; Wyrmkeep's "Inherit the Earth"; Coktel Vision's "Gobliiins" and games based on LucasArts' SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) system. SCUMM is used for many games, including "Monkey Island", "Day of the Tentacle", "Sam and Max" and more.

        I am sure there are more projects of that kind, but these two are the only ones I am aware of...


        P.S.:Star Control (II) for ever!!!
        greetings from austria, best known for its history and fine wine... feels like a wine cellar on a graveyard 8-)