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    grumbler / Michael Malloy.

    Thanks for your binding suggestions .. Though, I took the easy & cheap way out. I removed the pages from the binding (real easy), trimmed about 3/16" off the bound edge of the page by way of a paper cutter, punched them with a 3 hole punch, then put it into a cheap 3-ring loose leaf binder notebook. Couldn't find a notebook to match that particular paper size, but it did barely fit in a standard notebook for 8 1/2" by 11" paper. I then trimmed down the cover pages and put them into an 8 1/2" by 11" 3-hole sheet protector.

    It's very functional and easy to use now, and I think better than a bound book. I'm glad I did it and I plan to do the same for each of the other volumes.


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      Does anyone else have trouble logging into CafePress?

      The thing requires my password (I really HATE passwords!). I tried to use the "easy" system to retrieve my password, but it does...NOTHING. I've written to them several times about it. It makes me wonder if they actually PAID somebody to set up the web site. They should ask for a refund.

      Volume 1 is exactly what I hoped it would be. I am excited about receiving volume 2.

      It hadn't sunk in to me before, but these are not the complete Babylon 5 scripts. These are the JMS scripts for Babylon 5 alone. What an amazing collection of work!

      Did anybody see Zack on "Entertainment Tonight?" The story was so sensationalized it was nearly impossible to understand what was going on. He was seen aparently losing his temper on some sort of "reality TV" show. I say cut the guy some slack!
      Michael Malloy

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        Volume #1 on the way. Volume #2 ordered
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          Originally posted by The Puzzled Pak'Ma'Ra
          Knew a guy, many years ago who wrote his 'Great Fantasy Novel' and had hundreds (literally) of his book published. (a bit different system from CafePress, but same basic idea). Poor sap. Last I heard, they're still in big cardboard boxes in his basement.
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            Originally posted by The Puzzled Pak'Ma'Ra
            ... CafePress is POD - Publish On Demand. Sometimes called 'Vanity Publishng',
            Without wanting to be too picky, POD is nothing like the same as Vanity Publishing ... which is, to all intents and purposes, a scam.

            POD, like paying a printer yourself to produce books provides you with a means to get your book out there. In the case of POD, however, the system is much better because it doesn't actually cost you anything (unless you buy one for yourself).

            Vanity Publishing, on the other hand, is a term generally given to scam publishers who promise you that they will turn your book into a huge hit, big seller, etc. etc. and all you have to do is pony up some dough and guarantee to sell a certain number of copies yourself. Needless to say in the vast majority of cases, the poor author is left with a huge hole in their bank balance and a massive stock of unsold copies of their "huge hit".
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