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The Babylon 5 Scripts

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  • The Babylon 5 Scripts

    Hello everyone!

    As a long time B5 fan, all that is missing from my collection are the newly published B5 Scripts. However, I'm a little reluctant to order them, because I can't find any reviews on them yet. Has any of you gotten the first volume? Is it as good as it looks? Did it arrive quickly and safely from cafepress (safety is what concerns me mostly, I hardly trust the Internet with my credit card...)?

    Please tell me! And let the reviews and analyses begin!

    What a sad thing you are! Unable to answer even such a simple question without falling back on references and genealogies and what other people call you! Have you nothing of your own? Nothing to stand on that is not provided, defined, delineated, stamped, sanctioned, numbered and approved by others? How can you be expected to fight for someone else, when you haven't the fairest idea who you are?

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    Hi White_Star25, welcome!

    We've already got a thread going regarding the scripts (and a brand new Forum!) so I'm closing this thread. Enjoy the forums!

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