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TMOS will not be included in Script Volume

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  • The Puzzled Pak'Ma'Ra
    ... Thanks Jan.

    ... just went to go buy the first volume, and the site was down. Must be busy.

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  • Jan
    TMoS stands for the title of the feature film "The Memory of Shadows" that dead-ended earlier this year.


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  • The Puzzled Pak'Ma'Ra
    ... Excuse me...

    ... Somebody's going to smack me, but what's a TMOS?

    ... Ran a search, got nothin'.

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  • waspfan
    started a topic TMOS will not be included in Script Volume

    TMOS will not be included in Script Volume

    For those of you wondering about TMOS possibility of being in Volume 15

    Email sent and received: Two days is great by the way so it is being run by great people...

    'Will the script for TMOS the movie that never was be included in any of the volumes?'

    Well you win the award for the big stumper yet to hit the Babylon 5
    Scripts customer service department.

    On that note I'd like to apologize for taking 2 days to get back to
    you on this. It took that long to get an answer.

    We actually went to JMS with this one and what we understand is that
    releasing this script is a contractual issue. JMS would love to
    publish it. That said, the legal paperwork regarding script
    publishing rights for this particular script are in a grey area so it
    is unlikely.

    Best regards,
    Babylon 5 Scripts Team