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    Originally posted by skyline5k
    Sounds like the people working on "Smallville" are getting ripped off. Or the dvd's are packed with advertisements to offset the cheap cost. Anyone find DVD's are starting to come with "Commercials" at the beginning?

    Found a few here like that.
    Usualy PAL titles are like that,i didn't came across any NTSC ones.
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      I have only a few DVD's where I can't skip the ads for the studio, where they show the other titles they have on DVD.

      With regard to Babylon 5, the price for each season was reasonable. $60-$75 is something I didn't complain about. Compare that to the X-Files and the Star Trek series, where it's $100 per season. I spent $100 for a 16 disc boxset of the entire "Monty Python's Flying Circus" series.
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        Paying upfront money for programs that I didn't or couldn't watch free (or paid cable) TV? I'm not sure I'd do that, or complain about it later. I mean, if I did do that I'd only do it because I wanted that in a collection before it came out.

        Also, first time releases? I wouldn't pay the money up front either to watch it. If the series was that good, it would be released by pay-per-view or I could pick up a singular episode at a bookstore, and decide by myself. They're still going to release it on tape/DVD on a singular basis.

        If Babylon 5 came out like this now I would buy it. But it would be a decision by pre-viewing it rather than paying a lot of money for the whole lot.


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          I will buy "Babylon 5", "Star Trek", "Futurama", "Farscape" and other good series direct to DVD products if there would be any.
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