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  • The Complete Universe DVDs review

    Today I got "Babylon 5: The Complete Universe" boxset (UK edition) and there are some moments I'd like to share

    1. This is not a real boxset: it's just a pack of already available R2 boxsets and discs all together + carton box.
    2. This box still contains "wrong aspect" pressings of "And The Sky Full Of Stars" and "The Paragon of Animals", however they fixed "The Fall of Centauri Prime" and "The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father".
    3. "Crusade" still contains JMS commentary, but it is still original cut version.
    4. Season 1 still renames "Midnight on the Firing Line" as "Sabre Rattling" (in the listing of first DVD disc box).
    5. Nice fold-out in the carton box contains list of all episodes. But they misspelled "Z'Ha'Dum" as "Za'Ha'Dum", and "Sleeping In Light" as "Sleeping In Night"
    6. The movie pack contains only 3 movies, and they managed to write that all 3 movies contain comments by same 4 people: Bruce, Jesus, Patricia and Steven (Furst) - which is wrong obviously.
    7. "The Gathering" and "In The Beginning" are separate and without comments. And "The Gathering" is original 1993 version!!! (but the packaging tells that it is 1998 version - and this is bizarre, because the packaging is updated, it is now normal DVD box, and not "book-type" oldie box that was with original pressing of "The Gathering".
    8. "Legend Of The Rangers" has different (better) cover from what I saw for standalone DVD on - and no comments.
    9. As previously - seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 boxes have slightly different look from season 5. Argh!

    Summary: this is just a cheaper box of all R2 boxsets (with most flaws still in place) with 2 flaws fixed and "Legend Of The Rangers" added. Plus original "The Gathering" (I consider it an advantage actually). And with 36 antipiracy pieces of paper (almost in every individual disc package + 1 for each boxset).

    Well, at least I have B5 again. And this weekend I will see "Legend Of The Rangers" for the first time!

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    I have so many plastic packaging and paper left after unpacking all discs, that I can make a frigging pillow out of it!


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      ... Gotta be careful these days. I picked up season 3 on E-Bay. What came in the mail was the "Asian Collectors Edition". Translated, that means, pirated ripoff copies. Man, I was steamed. I mean I paid a decent amount of money for DVDs that I know cost only about 80 cents each in China (seen them - 80 cents is about average).

      ... The guy who sold them vanished.... surprise, surprise.

      ... Gotta be careful.
      "I think I'll pass on the tuna, thanks."


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        Well, I bought it on - I suppose it is trusted source
        And eBay is eBay. I mean, I never buy anything there (I only sell ).


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          I kinda expected that - but I guess that the German Superbox will be much better. And that they fixed the intro for "The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father" on the "Complete universe" set gives me hope that the German Superbox will also include a fixed version...


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            Im also not surprised,not at all...the way they made these DVD's for the fans is a spit right to our face.
            Sleeping in Light-----Darnit! Shut the Window.