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    Ok, I nearly fell off my horse when I saw this but I was startled to see Bablylon 5 as the top item in "Whats New" section of the Warner Bros website ( Unfortunately the linked article bares no association to B5 what so ever (from what I can tell)! What does this mean? Who can say. Any ideas anyone?
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    Er, that isn't the "What's New" section, it's the "What's ON" section. It looks like some kind of error on the site, but it may be that both B5 and Gilmore Girls are going to be offered on Nickelodeon in the UK.

    Either that or somebody was doing a cut and paste from some list and grabbed Babylon 5 along with Gilmore Girls by mistake.

    I don't think it means anything significant either way.


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      Maybe it's a sneak preview of TMoS.....


      I'd like to say a big hello too - I'm new to these forums, so hats off to you all. Hope to have fun
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