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    Originally posted by WorkerCaste
    You should go over to the archive and do a search on "Zima". Basically, they did it as a gag, but JMS caught a moderate amount of flak for it. His responses are an interesting read.
    ... I found a lot on the topic. You were right - it was a gag. So was the Kawasaki Ninja that Garibaldi was trying to fix.

    ... Reading posts archived in the Lurker's Net, it's pretty easy to see why JMS had to back off from the net a bit. Man! There some lunatics out there!

    ... Cheers.
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      Mystery art

      ... Season 1, Londo's quarters. Behind Londo, on the wall, is some Centauri art or some such... What is this thing? Looks like a thing I used in art class back in junior high to draw curves, taped to the wall and spray-painted over... (just left of his shoulder - HIS left, not yours.)
      "I think I'll pass on the tuna, thanks."


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        I believe that's called a French curve.


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          That reminds me of an article I read about somebody visiting the set of Legend of the Rangers. Apparently among the items used to give texture to the walls of the Liandra was at least on Frisbee.

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