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Now this may come as a little of a question?

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  • Now this may come as a little of a question?

    I am rewatching B5 again and am watching now Midnight on the firing line .When the attack on the Ragesh 3 colony occurs and Ivanova and Sinclair are sitting in the office specaluting on who did it.And Sinclair mentions the minbari and she seems skeptical as to wondering if the minbari had attacked the colony and just plain doesn't seem to trust them.Throughout the first season I had the impression that Ivanova did not really trust Minbari and for me at least it continued during the second season.I didn't change my mind until season three .Anyway was there ever going to be a back story on Ivanova and the minbari ?Yes I know her brother was killed in the E/M War .
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    A little something new to think about!.....


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      Originally posted by Satai Delenn
      Yes I know her brother was killed in the E/M War.
      Well, I think that could explain her possible less-trusting attitude towards the Minbari. Still, I definitely wouldn't rule out that there has been another backstory concerning Ivanova and the Minbari yet untold...

      Anyway, I have to admit I'm not really sure yet if I would agree with your observation, but will definitely keep it in mind when I start my next B5-rerun in a couple of weeks.


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        I always thought that lack of trust represented humanity at large. When a race nearly destroys your own, you're likely to have trust issues. Add to that a secretive nature, advanced technology and uncertainty as to why you're still here, and trust would be really hard to come by. With her brother's death, Susan becomes an ideal everyman. If she can forgive, then the Minbari become forgivable. I think JMS wanted us all to mistrust them to begin with.
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          I think it is more to establish the general lack of trust between Humans and Minbari than to foreshadow anything specific.

          Think of it this way, if an American and an Iraqi were on the same military outpost 10 years from now (or from whenever the occupation ends), how do you think they would treat each other?


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            Good points everyone I just couldn't help to be curious about Ivanova and whether he ever intended there to be a backstory there somewhere .But the level of distrust between humans and minbari was definately needed.To set the story.Maybe the script books will give an answer.


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              Her dear brother was killed fighting the Minbari - detailed in the feature-length B5 movie - "In the Beginning".
              ... More than enough reason to hold a grudge, I would think

              ... {The Earth Minbari War is kicking into full-swing - things are bad, and everybody knows it.
              ... {A young Susan Ivanova goes to visit her brother, a StarFury pilot about to set out for war... a sad scene}
              ... {She tells him she's decided to join Earth Alliance military, despite their father's wishes against it...}
              ... {She gives him one of her two earrings - as a good luck charm to remember her by. "You have to bring it back to me", she says.}

              ... Later, her brother is shown in a battle with the Minbari. He gets blasted by a Minbari fighter, loses control of his StarFury, and slams/explodes into an asteroid. Dead.

              ... You might notice, if you look for it - During the series, if Ivanova is wearing earrings - she only wears one.
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                ^^Funny I thought I put that in my original post maybe to your mind Ivanova might hate the minbari for the death of her brother but not to me .I mean sure it would account for most of her I guess dislike of them but I thought there might have been a backstory of sorts more than what was said.


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                  **Double checked post yes I did put the brother thing in but that was not my original question**


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                    Haha! Hi, Satai. My bad. I was so pumped - I KNEW THE ANSWER!!! I failed to read those last few words. hehe.. .

                    ... I'm new here - gotta be more careful.
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                      ... Been watching "The War Prayer"... (Season 1)

                      ... Ivanova went on a date with a guy she hasn't seen in 8 years. She was wearing 2 earrings.

                      ... This was written before "In the Beginning", and perhaps the Ivanova story line wasn't completely written at that time? AND they were long, elegant earrings, the kind to go with an evenng gown.... (when I've seen her with only one, it was a small gold ring)...

                      ... trying to cover my tracks here. Keep your eyes peeled all the same.
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                        The earring Ivanova handed her brother as shown in "In the Beginning" was a small gold earring which she kept the other. From what I remember, she never took it off during the course of the series.

                        The wearing of other earrings plays no part in regard to the small, gold earring. Especially when I can look around my hometown, Memphis, and see quite a few ladies wearing multiple earrings, either balanced out on both ears or one ear with more.
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                          I've moved two posts that went off into discussing Iraq over to the 'Rampant Irresponsible Political' thread...

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