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  • Movies on UK Television?

    Hi all,

    With Legend of the Rangers having arrived on DVD now, completing the set ... it struck me that this is one of three B5 movies that have never been shown on UK terrestrial television. Here is the skinny as I understand it ...

    The Gathering
    The original version was shown on Channel 4 early in the shows run (either during or just after the first season, if memory serves) rather than at the beginning. The 1998 version was shown several times by Bravo during its runs of the show, but has never been seen on terrestrial TV.

    In The Beginning
    Was shown on Channel 4 at some point after the end of season 5.

    Was shown on Channel 4 pretty soon after ItB.

    The River of Souls
    To my knowledge has never been shown on terrestrial television, but I have a feeling I saw it listed as being shown on UK SFC back in the days before I was able to get it.

    A Call To Arms
    I haven't seen that listed anywhere, on either terrestrial or cable/satellite TV.

    The Legend of the Rangers
    Has been shown several times on Sky movie channels, but never on terrestrial TV.

    Is my recollection of this correct, or am I going bananas?

    It seems such a shame that no one has ever felt the B5 movies worthy of broadcast, but I guess that's how life works sometimes.

    Same with Jeremiah - no sign of terrestrial TV picking up either season for broadcast, and Sky still haven't bothered showing the second season yet.

    Without the internet, most of the TV that I love would have completely escaped my attention. Still, at least UK SFC are about to start a repeat run of Odyssey 5 ...

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    Sounds about right. You missed Crusade too (not a movie but still a worthy note), which was shown on C4 at about 1am weekday nights in 2000 I think. I remember clearly watching it, so it had to be there!