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B5's Future ???

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  • B5's Future ???

    With the demise of TMOS and the only thing on the market right now are a bunch of Babylon 5 RPG books that some people may or may not depending on the person,in addition to the script books JMS is releasing .What is the status of B5 either on the big screen or on the little one and does the franchise have for the future any guesses ?Yeah this is a hypothetical question.

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    If this has been discussed before my apologies but I am curious to know what others may think. Since I have been on a Crusade watching day .The longer I watch the show it makes get more steamed to know they cancelled it. That's if anyone replies to this thread.
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      Ah never mind Jan or some moderator pleas close thread I have found another thread not to far back that answers my thread question using the search function button concept .Could have done that before posting this.