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    Attn JMS - I just wanted to say that I am a "late comer" to the B5 universe but have throughly enjoyed the experience. With some coaxing from a friend I purchased all 5 seasons (including the movies set - in DVD format) and sat dumbfounded and awe inspired through each episode finding myself wanting more and more. This then led to me buying Crusader and feeling the same but still found myself wanting more. I suppose this has been said many times to you already but with the current demise of "the other Sci-Fi franchise' (if I can mention it here Star Trek) would it be a good time to now "push the Crusader wagon" again to the movie/tv studios as this series really requires coverage and closure.

    Here's to the fulfilment of one's dreams.

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    Hi, Phil,

    Welcome to the forums!

    JMS doesn't post here and as far as we know, doesn't read here, either. If you check out the Frequently Asked Questions , you can find a way to post to the Moderated newsgroup where JMS does hang out.

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