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    It was, it just started off as pulling models of the net and displaying them in very small jerky animated gifs. The coding for building the page was (initially) easy enough to pick up (used to be a PC programmer in a former life).

    But then I got it into my head that all I was doing was repeating what others had done, just in a different way. So then I started to learn the basics of model building to do the ones that where missing and re-doing some of the less nicer ones. Ended up making something like 34 of the Bàà things. Then improving the display, then adding the stats, and I broke my DVD player searching for the images lol.

    Some time in the future IÆll add crusade, etc, and tie in a whole pile of other stuff thatÆs missing like race info as I textured a whole pile of planets like Narn, Minbar & the Streib home world. And I never got round to using any of the Alien fonts I picked up.


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      Man! That's really awesome! One hell of a job...
      What's up Drakh?


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        Ijust popped out and took a look. Very nice and impressive.
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          a very good site, got you stickied for further viewing.
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            Decided to add to this rather than starting a new thread.
            (I really need to spend more time on the net)

            Now that I have a better idea what broad band users can handle, IÆve increased the size and slowed down the animations slightly, added a pile of new (clearer) graphics and sections to it, coded it so other browsers can read it, and extended the content to include all ships from the films crusade, lotr, etc. There will be 130 odd canon ships on it, plus a section for some concept art.

            The layout has been a real big problem, but have decided (probably) to keep the scroll look with a load of extra buttons (went all galaxy with maps for a while).

            At least thatÆs what will be on it when itÆs finished û be a couple more months though û finding time, as usual, is the problem.

            The main reason for typing this though, is that I know some people have book marked the site, and those hosting it are moving, itÆs off-line right now (but should be back in a few days) but it may have a new address, so IÆll be postiong any changes that might take place.