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  • New B5 Ship Page

    I was starting to think that active B5 forums didnÆt exist on the net anymore. But since I found this place I have a question/favour to ask.

    As an exercise in becoming familiar with a few bits of software, and since I am a fan of the show, I have recently compiled a list of B5 canon ships. Managed to get/build 101 of them. Animated them and have them hosted on someone elseÆs site.

    YouÆll need to be running Internet Explorer 5.5 and above to view it, have Flash installed, and a Broad Band connection would be more than slightly useful.

    This website is for sale! is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. We hope you find what you are searching for!

    The stats IÆve used are not exactly "accurate" , I was going for pretty rather than accurate, but if anyone has any suggestions or comments about the site IÆd be glad for the input. Also I think it is the biggest listing of CANON ships on the net (Celestia for instance has more with the concept art), so if anyone else knows otherwise, please let me know.


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    Where is the Excalibur?

    Also, some of the "Earth Force" ships are not Earthforce, but civilian vessels. Katherine Sakai's ship, the Asimov, etc.

    The White Star ships were, at one time, Minbari, but eventually became Interstellar Alliance standard.

    Just some thoughts for reorganization.

    Not badly done, though.
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      The Excalibur's not there because, as I mentioned on the front page, it is currently limited to B5 the series, Third Space, In the Beginning and the Pilot film.

      Take your point about the Earthforce/Earth Alliance thing though, will have to look over that.


      Just had a look. I didn't call them Earth Force ships, rather Earth Alliance. I thought Earth Alliance basically referred to Earth owned ships (including civilian transports) where Earth Force alone was the military, is that wrong?
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        Doesn't work with FF...too bad
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          The syntax of the java/html can be different for different browsers, they say for security reasons. I'm sure it is, partly, but I find that hard to swallow based on some of differences.

          The original version was viewable by all browsers, then I started putting in some ôhiddenö features to make the thing look nice, thatÆs when the syntax problems started kicking in. As IÆm no expert on the languages/browser interpreters and there was a time limit on itÆs development, I tried fixing them, but it was going to take too much time - so basically said sod it and started using IE specific constructs for some of the effects, nice for me, not so nice for non IE users.

          Go on, revert back to IE for a minute, you should like it (hopefully)


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            Thumbs up

            Just got home from work and checked out your images Number6 , all I have to say is great job. I must admit I am extremely jealous because my skills are totally lacking and I havent got the ability to complete a work of art like that.

            So thanks for cheering the day up.
            Ever thought of recreating other ships from other series . Although I have always thought the Babylon 5 ships have been the best designs I have ever seen.


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              Its FRAKKIN SWEET!! Can't Wait to see more
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                Very Nicely done


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                  This is turning out better than I thought as it is my first attempt at a web page and I only started trying to build models a couple of months back.

                  When I get Crusade on DVD and if I can ever find a copy of The Legend Of The Rangers then IÆll probably add to it. Like I said in some of the Blurb on the front screen, I was trying to come up with a comprehensive list (limited to the series and films listed) so again, if anyone knows of any ships IÆve missed out, let me know.

                  As for other Sci-Models, Star Trek and Star wars have been done to death as far as I can tell, and no other TV series really has the numbers or depth of ships that can even come close to B5.

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                    Just one word: Awesome.

                    You've been bookmarked - which is something I rarely do.


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                      Thanks, I take it, since no one has mentioned it, that things are loading up fast enough. I have to ask, because believe it or not I donÆt have Broad Band (not on the net enough) and canÆt actually fully view my own site lol.

                      I was basically persuaded that bigger animations would be better, so went with flash as it had the best size/quality ratio as I found most of the video codecs could be a bit harsh.


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                        Veeeeeeeery nice.....
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                          So far, the images load up pretty quickly. A little bit of a pause when I switch from one to another, but nothing irritating.

                          Well, since we are discussing them on other threads, how about a Battlestar Galactica and/or Firefly/Serenity page? <please,please>

                          If that's your first attempt at a web page, then, dude, YOU ARE THE GUY!
                          "Ivanova is God!"


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                            In all honesty it is my first attempt at a web page and modelling. The problem is it did take a fair bit of time.

                            IÆm not familiar enough with a few of the shows mentioned on here (Scotland based), though I have just been handed the complete series of Fire Fly about half an hour ago, so as IÆve hear good things about that and looking forward to watching it.

                            I was really concerned about the speed of the page, as the Flash files are pretty big, and I donÆt have Broad Band so have no idea how they load. IÆll probably move on to Crusade, etc and finish of the set as it where, at some point though.


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                              Totally spectacular!

                              How much work did you put in to that??? Hours and hours I'd wager.

                              Well done, it show a true labour of love
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